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Coin and Token Development
A renowned name in coin and token development. We help cryptopreneurs to build and launch new coins and tokens and get an edge in the crypto trading industry by holistically adapting the blockchain’s cryptography and consensus algorithms. Our experts provide diligent support for crypto development, writing a whitepaper, introducing the new coin in the market, listing in the exchanges, and building smart contracts. We help your business to position itself ahead of its competitors by adopting cryptographically secured transactions.
Peer-to-Peer Network Transactions
Resuscitate the way you transact with the help of our crypto development company. Since the transactions of crypto coins and tokens are done through peer-to-peer networks and the records of transactions are maintained on the immutable distributed ledger, it ensures greater security, transparency, and frictionless processing across international borders. There is no middleman, no extra hassles, and no additional fees except the gas fees that vary in different blockchain platforms. Unchallegeably, the speed of transactions is enhanced tremendously, while the cost is slashed dramatically.
Building Foundations
Being a seasoned crypto coin and token development company, we help you to build a foundation for your ICO (Initial Coin Offering), STO (Security Token Offerings), and IDO (Initial DEX Offering). We also build NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) that are distinguishable, non-replaceable, non-exchangeable, and uniquely priced. We are deeply rooted in blockchain and crypto development technologies and we can firmly hold your hand in token creation for your upcoming venture, right from ideation to launch. Harness the power of the crypto economy through our matchless token development services.

Crypto Development Services

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Our team consists of the best talents in the blockchain industry and we are apt in crypto coin development to match your business goals. Rely on us for coin and token development services and initiate your new crypto venture with utter confidence today!

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Launch Your Own Cryptocurrency By Harnessing The Expertise of Crypto Development Services

We, at IFX, assist your mission-driven businesses to enter the burgeoning crypto market with a bang through our trustworthy cryptocurrency development services. We extend full support at each stage of crypto coin development – from ideation to conceptualization, and from creation to deployment. We also assist in the marketing of your cryptocurrency.


With our deep domain expertise in coin and token development, you can pave your way toward Metaverse token development, DeFi token development, and NFT development. You may select one of the most desirable blockchain platforms among Ethereum, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, or Cardano, etc., and we will create tokens as per your expectations. Partner with us for ERC20 token development, Tron token development, and BEP20 token development, and start investing them for raising funds or making profits.

Boost Up Your Crypto Venture With Our Specialised Token Development Services

Spruce up your fundraising initiative through tokenization of your assets. Our blockchain daredevils use agile methods combined with their passion for providing the best token development solutions as per ERC, TRC, and BEP token standards. You choose a blockchain and we will create a token for you.

Types of Tokens We Provide:

Security Tokens

To gain a crucial competitive advantage and quickly and securely raise money, support your tokens with a legal framework.

Utility Tokens

Ride the ICO market's growth wave with utility tokens to attract investors and seize pertinent market opportunities.

Equity Tokens

Utilise the fundraising opportunity by creating equity tokens using our design-driven methodology.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Launch your NFT tokens to signify possession of unique items. Assets from video games, art, collectibles, and even real estate can be tokenised.

Cryptocurrency Development Company

Our team generates crypto coins and tokens with exceptional security implementation that helps the owner to have total control, and liberty to trace each token transaction with complete ease. We also indulge in wallet and exchange development. We protect your digital coins and wallets with high-security encryption algorithms. We utilise our blockchain knowledge coupled with our technical prowess in smart contract coding to automate the transactions of coins and tokens while you can stay busy in making important business decisions. Here are some significant services we provide to cryptocurrency investors worldwide.

Non Fungible Token Development

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are poised to go mainstream. Tap into the burgeoning NFT market with our non fungible token development services. We create non-fungible tokens on the ERC721 standard. Whether you want to tokenize game assets, art, or any other asset.

Security Token Offering

By providing high liquidity, STO Development assists you in increasing capital investment between investors and owners. By launching the STO Platform, you can obtain numerous benefits such as utility and equity.

Utility Token Development

With Irvin FX you can develop your own utility token that provides users access to a product or service on the blockchain network. We provide complete customisable utility token development solutions that can be updated as needed.

Stable Coin Development

We create fiat-backed, cryptocurrency-backed, commodity-backed, and gold-backed stablecoins. In addition, our team develops multi-collateral stablecoins with decentralised governance.

Smart Contract Development

Irvin FX creates the most sophisticated smart contract, tailoring it to the needs of our clients' businesses and making sure it fulfills its intended purpose.

ICO/IDO Development

Our cryptocurrency developers offer initial coin offering (ICO)/ Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) development services to those looking for a platform for fundraising, the creation of new coins, and the provision of new services.

Token Design & Marketing

Irvin FX multichannel marketing will put you ahead of the pack. Our fact-based recommendations, a complete understanding of the ICO/ IDO and STO industries, and effective marketing platforms influence investors' perceptions and behaviours

Whitepaper Drafting

White papers boost your brand's credibility and show thought leadership. Our white paper creation services span planning to publication, focusing on layout, graphics, and competent, on-brand content to effectively communicate your vision to potential investors.

Wallet Development

Irvin FX brings its strength in blockchain technology to build multi-currency crypto wallets that enable secure storage and smooth transactions of multiple cryptocurrencies. Industry-approved security is achieved by leveraging multi-signature.


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